26, Krutovskaya str., 420054, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia



The history of PRIZMA started in1996. Inthe first years of its existence, the company provided real estate services, as well as legal and consulting services. In 2000, we started to fit with equipment our manufacturing property, i.e. warehouse premises. Thus, a basis for establishing the Kazan Plant of Low-Tonnage Chemistry (KZMH) was created. 


As long ago as 2002, it started manufacturing new products – sealants for automotive applications.Production areas grew. The Firma ZAPAD company was involved into sales of the KZMH products and became its general distributor. In 2011, the manufacture of lubricants was started on the new areas under the RICOS brand.For all these years, PRIZMA has been retrofitting its property: We worked at upgrading the premises and renovating the equipment to reduce administrative expenses.


By 2013, we had successfully invested our experience and scientific and technical potential accumulated into the development and creation of project named “Consulting Center PRIZMA, Industrial Site”.In their turn, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan, realizing the advantages of uniting manufacturing facilities within one area, took Resolution No. 738 of October 8, 2014 "On Approving the Procedures for Granting Governmental Support in Form of Subsidies to the Municipal-Level Industrial Site Residents of the Republic of Tatarstan.”


On October 9, 2014, PRIZMA received a certificate of its registration as an Industrial Site. Since that time, its history has been developing as the history of an enterprise that complies with all requirements applicable to industrial sites.


As of today, the PRIZMA Industrial Site is among the top most efficiently working sites. It has already united within its premises over a dozen of residents. We provide the residents with a supportive environment for their activities. Use of shared infrastructure, laboratory, consulting services, and common logistics – all this results in reducing the necessary expenses and increases the competitiveness of products manufactured.

Our successful experience in creating the PRIZMA Industrial Site allows us to assure that our team know how to create such sites and can establish them both in Tatarstan and throughout Russia.