26, Krutovskaya str., 420054, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia


Establishing an industrial site is a special form of outsourcing for the enterprises involved to be able to acquire advantage over their competitors due to focusing on their core activities, such as using synergy and the scaling effect within the content of the capital-intensive infrastructure, and, by doing so, reduce the cost of the necessary services.

Our purpose is to use the positive factors of the PRIZMA Industrial Site location for increasing its attractiveness and reduce additional expenditures on its maintenance by locating manufacturing facilities.

Energy Supply

Within this context, energy means both the primary energies, such as electricity and gas, and other materials distributed via cable networks and pipelines. They include, for example, industrial gases, such as compressed air, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen; water, such as potable water, process water, or water specially prepared for certain productions; and coolants, such as Freon or ammonia.


Inbound logistics includes the maintenance of warehouses for raw materials, supporting materials, and utility products, as well as for semi-finished and end products. Specially equipped entries/exits are used for receiving or shipping the products. An access railroad is also available.

Consulting Services

A comprehensive consideration of the current sensitive production situation and, later on, providing efficient recommendations, the complying, with which would enhance the efficiency of the given structure and propel it to the next development level.

Waste Disposal

There is a special solid waste management site on the territory. Some wastes are recycled into an end product.                                                                                                                                                                    


Or all residents, an accredited laboratory (certificate No. 045-15 dated April 24, 2015) is available, which is necessary for incoming material control and end-product verification.


According to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 738 dated October 8, 2014, the residents of industrial sites may participate on a competitive basis in a number of business support programs at the municipal, regional and national levels

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